Montrose Osteopathy Clinic


Practice COVID-19 Policy
This document sets out the approach Montrose Osteopathy is taking to patient treatments during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the way we will put this into practice.

With the heightened awareness, anxiety and risk of contact and droplet spread between members of the public and practitioner/patient contact we will have procedures in place to help mitigate cross infection in the practice. These procedures will address known and unknown risks with varying levels of evidence and value to help provide a safer environment for all.

Mitigation of known symptomatic risks:
1. Under no circumstances will Montrose Osteopathy Clinic knowingly allow members of the public/patients into the practice with cold and flu like symptoms that have not been tested for COVID-19.
2. Patients with COVID-19 will NOT be treated at our practice and they will be asked to stay at home inline with isolation and quarantine guidelines.
3. In some cases, patients who display cold and flu-like symptoms and who have tested negative for COVID-19 may be treated. This will be assessed at the discretion and consent of both the patient and the practitioner. Additional measures will be put in place if required.
Unknown and theoretical risk:
These procedures will help to limit the risk of contact and droplet spreading from asymptomatic viral shedding members of the public, as well as us at the clinic. These are guidelines: individuals can take further measures should they require or request them. All adults are responsible for their own safety and should be allowed to take measures they feel comfortable with.
1. Distancing: Distancing measures will be encouraged, including limited access to the clinic, one patient in the clinic at a time, limited waiting room chairs and conversation/history taking will be at a safe distance. Treatment techniques may be modified to reduce risk to both practitioner and patient.
2. Hygiene: All contact surfaces (including door handles, toilets, card machines and chairs) will be cleaned frequently. Plinth covers and pillowcases are changed between patients. Pillows and plinth surfaces are sanitised between patients. Hand washing and sanitation will be available in the reception and treatment rooms. Contactless payments will be encouraged.
3. PPE: We will be wearing face masks whilst you are in the clinic, and Neil will also be wearing a disposable apron. If at any time either party is not comfortable with the level of PPE, treatment can be ceased. Patients are advised to wear the PPE they feel comfortable with, but a single-use face mask will be available if required.